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The 7 Best Watermelon Hacks of 2017

The 7 Best Watermelon Hacks of 2017

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Basically, you can do just about anything with a watermelon

We found some of the most delicious and effective watermelon hacks online for you to try out this summer.

It wouldn’t be summer without watermelon. This refreshing fruit is a warm weather favorite at picnics, barbecues, and pool parties. This fruit can be cut into baskets, cubes, virtually any shape you want. Plus it’s delicious blended into a beverage or cocktail (preferably one that comes with a little paper umbrella) and enjoyed while soaking up the sun.

This year, people got wacky with their watermelon and came up with a bunch of fun ideas for cutting, freezing, drinking, and Instagramming the summery fruit. We’ve rounded up some of the best watermelon hacks of 2017 from around the internet for you to try out and enjoy.

Watermelon Frosé
Upgrade your boozy brunch with a watermelon frosé — perfect for guests who aren’t into strawberries but still want a taste of this delicious “adult” slushie trend.

Watermelon ice cubes
Add a pop of pink to your drink with these watermelon ice cubes. This is also a super easy way to infuse your water with fruit.

The best way to cut watermelon
Apparently, you’ve been cutting your watermelon all wrong. Let Watermelon Bae show you how it’s done. Hint: You’ve probably never seen anyone cut watermelon this effortlessly before.

Kiwi-watermelon and peach ice pop
Make these perfectly refreshing popsicles to enjoy by the pool. They’re also super-pretty, so definitely take a few photos for your Instagram.

Watermelon “dress”
Meet the trend that took social media by storm. Did you really even have a summer if you didn’t take a pic in one of these watermelon “dresses”? Now’s your chance! They’re super easy to try on.

Watermelon Long Island iced tea slices
This wild watermelon hack is soon to be your new favorite party trick. Bet you didn’t realize watermelon was so absorbent.

Watermelon cake
Surprise your friends when you cut into this sweet cake made entirely out of watermelon. We’ll take two slices, please.

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