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Appetizer rolled with spinach, cheese, mushrooms and red kapia peppers

Appetizer rolled with spinach, cheese, mushrooms and red kapia peppers

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Rub the yolks a little with the oil and salt, mix with the well drained spinach puree, add the sour cream and pepper.

Beat the egg whites with a little salt, incorporate them into the preparation, then add the sifted flour with baking powder. Pour into a tray lined with baking paper and bake for about 13 minutes.

Remove hot from the paper with a knife blade and allow to cool.

Prepare the filling by seasoning the finely chopped onion together with the sliced ​​mushrooms and diced kapia peppers, salt and season and let the juice drain well. Put it on the fire and let it cool.

Put the cream cheese in the blender and finally add the hardened vegetables. Grease the top with spinach then roll tightly with a towel or even baking paper. Let it cool for an hour before slicing.

Good appetite!

Ada's World

* I cut the pork leg into cubes and marinated it in the following mixture: wine (I put red, you put white), lemon, spices, spicy sauce, oil, garlic slices, peppercorns.
* I sealed the bowl with cling film and left it to soak overnight

* the next day I put a little oil in the pan and poured the mixture from the bowl - I left it to fry until it browned nicely on all sides

* in the meantime, I boiled the potatoes in half, peeled them in the shell, cut them into cubes and put them over the meat when it was almost ready

* I added diced kapia pepper

* and left on the right heat, stirring occasionally
* I seasoned with salt and pepper and that's about it

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We cut the ham into slices and brown it nicely in butter and oil, on all sides. We cut the steak into small cubes or put it through the mincer.

First, make a pandispan top in which the spinach puree is placed. Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with a little salt.

Mix the spinach on the robot until it is finely chopped, add eggs, salt and pepper to taste. The flour is mixed with baking powder

We fillet the turkey breast, as thin as possible. If possible we do not cut the meat at all. After preparing the marinade, using a

We soak the gelatin sheets in water. Boil the eggs for 5 minutes, then keep them in cold water for another 5 minutes, after which they can be cleaned

Melt the butter, add the spinach (scalded and chopped or frozen in the store). Add the milk and flour and mix until smooth.

1. Cut the washed and drained chest, as thin as possible, into a large piece which is then uniformed with a sledgehammer.

Peel the roots and onion and put them to boil, to make a vegetable soup in which we will boil the rice after

In a large bowl of water we put the cheese in packaging or put in a hermetically sealed baking bag. Put the pot on the fire and let it set

Place the chicken breast, being large, I cut it in half, put it on a food foil and beat it lightly until it is not very thin.

Meat, drained potatoes, crushed garlic, chopped onion, tomato paste, raw eggs, 3-4 tablespoons breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, basil,

- Saute finely chopped onion, add buckwheat for 10 minutes, after it has been soaked for 20 minutes in hot water, then sliced ​​mushrooms, scalded

Tasty Easter Meal Recipes Separate the eggs, mix the yolks in a bowl with the oil, spinach, sour cream, flour,

Leave the spinach to thaw in a strainer. Put the oil in a pan that is put on the fire, then the diced mushrooms

Mix the minced meat with the bread soaked and squeezed well, egg, mustard, chopped onion, salt, pepper, basil, concentrate

Very good for a festive aperitif meal, it has everything it needs: pepper, spinach and charcoal flavor. and a tailor-made look! For

Chopped spinach, washed, boiled in salted water for a few minutes (10 minutes), drained, chopped, put in a bowl, add

Beat the chicken breast and place it on an aluminum foil, sprinkled with oil. Season with salt and pepper. Wash the spinach well several times

Thaw the spinach, drain and then place in a bowl and mix with a little oil. Mix the cheese separately

first prepare the filling, heat the onion, then add the spinach, grated cheese and chopped dill. mix on the fire for 2-3 minutes after which

For the dough sheet, beat the 3 egg whites with a pinch of salt. Separately mix the spinach (thawed and squeezed very well

Make a dough a little thicker than the pancakes from raw eggs, flour, milk in which you add the spices for barbecue, curry,

Rub the yolks a little with the oil and salt, mix with the well drained spinach puree, add the sour cream and pepper. whites

Leave the spinach to thaw, put it in a sieve and press it so that it drains well, then put it in hot milk and

The spinach is scalded and drained, if it is frozen it is put directly in the pan with butter. Cut the onion into small pieces and add it together.

We wash the spinach under running water. In a saucepan put some boiling water with a pinch of salt. When it boils, add the spinach

Mix the yogurt with the eggs and add the rest of the ingredients. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, and at the end add surimi


2 red capsicums
1 green bell pepper
1 orange bell pepper
For the cheese filling:
500g bellows cheese
50g butter
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon grated paprika
1 small onion
Green dill
Method of preparation:
Wash the porous dill and chop it finely.
Peel a small onion and finely chop it.
We wash the peppers, cut their heads with a tail, in the shape of a lid and clean them of seeds.
In a bowl put the butter, which must be at room temperature and add the bellows cheese then mix until smooth.
With this composition we fill a pepper, I filled a capsicum.
In the rest of the composition & # 8211 to be peppers with as many fillings as possible & # 8211 I added 1 tablespoon of paprika and pepper to taste, you can add salt but I do not think it would be the case.
Mix the composition until smooth and divide it into 2.
Put half of the composition in a bowl and add the finely chopped onion, then mix until smooth.
With this composition we fill another pepper, I filled a green bell pepper.
Put the remaining part of the composition in a bowl, and add the finely chopped dill and mix until smooth.
We fill a pepper with that composition, in my case I fill an orange bell pepper.
For me, I also had a composition for a fourth pepper, a capsicum, which I filled with a mixture made of all the remaining compositions and mixed together.
Stuffed peppers, wrap them tightly in cling film and put them in the fridge until the next day, when we will cut them into slices and serve them as an appetizer. They are delicious, effective and extremely easy to make.

Appetizer roll with spinach, cheese, mushrooms and red kapia peppers - Recipes

add the oregano mushrooms and twigs. The juice left by the mushrooms, pour it into a bowl. fry the mushrooms further (a few minutes)
Then the whole business is cut.

Mushroom paste, spread on the meat blanket, put mozzarella slices on top, sprinkle gouda, basil leaves. Salt and pepper, then roll. Grease the roll with concentrated tomato paste.

In the bowl in which you make it (it is good to be a deep bowl) put a little olive oil, place the roll. Then cut pieces of carrot, onion, pepper, garlic, greens .. what you want I put a few mushrooms .

Add a large cup of water, and in the oven with the roll. When it is almost ready, pour the bowl of juice left by the mushrooms (fried) mixed with a cup of wine. -20 minutes, until it drops a little from the liquid. The roll is sprinkled from time to time with the bottom of the tray.

When ready, take out the roll in a bowl, keep warm until the sauce is ready. The sauce is actually the bottom of the pan with the mashed vegetables, and eventually add to taste and taste 2-3 tablespoons of fresh cream or sour cream ..

Appetizer roll with spinach, cheese, mushrooms and red kapia peppers - Recipes

I think it's delicious, and the presentation is, as usual, gorgeous!

I didn't make peppers either, but I can't help but like it, I already feel its aroma. gorgeous color.

my mother what a good soup! I only ate it once, but it's bestial and extra extra delicious!
kiss you

Your soup looks great and beautifully presented!

What a beautiful color it has and precisely it is very tasty.

It has a dream color. I really don't say anything anymore. Kisses!

I like cream soups. It's the first time I've heard of kapia cream soup. but I think it's great. since it is my favorite vegetable.

Super good. Full of flavors and flavors!

I keep wondering why I'm wondering! You're great!

You are gorgeous in everything you do, I have been following you daily for some time and I even enjoyed my "quotes" executed after your posts.

Maya, this soup sounds really good and that apple intrigues me so much that I have to see how it & quotes & quot in the soup :)

Interesting combination of kapia and apple peppers .. I like cream soups and how I prepared kapia peppers for the winter I also venture. Thanks for the idea !!

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