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The Great Grill-Ahead 4th of July Party

The Great Grill-Ahead 4th of July Party

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The best plan for the 4th: Let the flavor of fire do the heavy lifting and make everything ahead so you can join the fun.

Our Kind Of Party

Hosting a backyard grilling party always sounds like a load of fun … until you find yourself chained to the grill while everyone else enjoys the gathering.

This summer, try something a little different: a feast of grilled goodies that you've done ahead.

Applewood-Smoked Chicken with Dijon Rub

Our savory smoked chicken is equally delicious served cold or at room temperature, so you can cook it well in advance of your get-together. If you have leftovers, shred the meat and stir into leftover Kamut salad—instant lunch.

Whole-Grain Kamut and Cherry Salad

Juicy cherries and chewy whole grains are a match made in heaven. We also tried this salad with red grapes in place of cherries, and they were delicious, too. If you have a pressure cooker, put it to use for the Kamut; it'll cut the cook time down to 25 to 30 minutes.

Summer Herbed Grilled Shrimp

Our finishing touches—a hit of herbs, peppery olive oil, and tangy vinegar—make these shrimp the freshest, most irresistible appetizer. Leave the tails on so guests have a handle for these tasty bites.

Smoky Red Pepper Dip with Grilled Crudités

Step aside, boring crudités—enter deliciously crunchy, lightly charred fennel and broccoli paired with grilled bread and juicy tomatoes.

Grilled Baby Eggplants with Green Onion Salsa

If you can't find the type of eggplant we used, go for small, slender Japanese eggplants instead.

Simple Grilled Stone Fruit Crumble

We were wowed by the flavors of this luscious dessert. Grilling the fruit caramelizes its sugars and concentrates its flavor, while the creamy tang of crème fraîche perfectly complements the nutty, buttery topping.

The Game Plan

• Make dip.
• Combine herb mixture for shrimp (minus oil and vinegar).
• Prepare butter mixture for chicken.
• Cook Kamut for salad.

• Grill crudités and bread for dip.
• Grill shrimp.
• Grill chicken.
• Layer Kamut salad ingredients in a bowl—dressing on bottom, then grains, then produce, then nuts. (Toss together shortly before serving.)
• Prepare fruit for desserts; spoon into jars or ramekins.
• Prepare topping for desserts; store separately.

• Grill eggplants.

• Bring chicken to room temp.
• Make salsa for eggplants.

• Toss shrimp with finished herb mixture.
• Set everything else (except desserts) out at room temperature.

• Assemble desserts.

Step Up Your Beer Game

This menu is all about laid-back fun, and the food is just right for beer. Any sudsy sipper will work, but if you really want to treat your guests, seek out these two brews.

FORÊT, Brasserie Dupont, Belgium
Golden, fizzy, and burbling with spice, fruit, and floral flavors, this summery saison's lemony brightness complements veggies and seafood, while its earthy depth handles grains and meats.
($15/750-milliliter bottle or $19/four-pack of 12-ounce bottles)

MIRROR POND PALE ALE, Deschutes Brewery, Oregon
This beautifully balanced pale ale has flavors of forests and meadows, with a mild bitterness to gently offset flavors like herbs, peppers, and mustard.
($10/six-pack of 12-ounce bottles)

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