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Dessert pancakes with cottage cheese, dried fruit and honey

Dessert pancakes with cottage cheese, dried fruit and honey

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I like to prepare pancakes either for breakfast or when I feel like something sweet and fast. I serve them with great pleasure either with jam, fruit syrups or honey. That's how I could enjoy the fluffy ones every day and I still don't get tired of them. But these, with cottage cheese, are more consistent and better, I say. Let's see if you like it and if you want to try them.

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons raw sugar
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons yogurt
  • 250 gr cow's cheese
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • grated lemon peel
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons goji
  • 2 tablespoons cranberries
  • 4-5 tablespoons honey
  • a few almonds to serve
  • a pinch of salt

Servings: 3

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Dessert pancakes with cottage cheese, dried fruit and honey:

Melt the coconut oil. In a bowl put eggs with a pinch of salt, sugar and mix until they increase in volume. Stir in melted coconut oil, then yogurt and vanilla. Crush the cheese well with your fingers, add it to the above composition. Add flour, baking powder, grated lemon peel, mix well. At the end add goji, cranberries and mix with a spatula. Heat a frying pan, grease it with a little oil. When it has warmed up, turn the heat to low, with a spoon put some pancakes. Bake them on low heat, on both sides, then remove them with a plate. Do this until you have finished the whole composition. Make portions on plates, sprinkle with honey, then sprinkle with chopped almonds. They are delicious so simple, served with coffee, tea or even packaged. Enjoy your meal!

200g of sweet cow's cheese
40g of flour or semolina (semolina is recommended for babies)
1 egg (only small yolks can be used for small babies, but papanas can be crushed)
20g of sugar - optional
10g of butter or 3 teaspoons of sour cream
Some dried fruits - raisins, apricots, plums, finely chopped

Mix cottage cheese with egg and sugar, slowly incorporate flour or semolina. Optionally you can add finely chopped dried fruits to the mixture. With a teaspoon soaked in water, take the "quotables" from the mixture, which you then boil in a pot of boiling water. The poppies that rise to the surface are ready. You can take them with a soup strainer. They can be served with sour cream or butter, with or without jam or honey or fruit syrup. Good appetite!

American pancakes (pancakes) with chocolate or blueberries

Very important: do not mix the composition too much! ! ! Must have small goggles.

1. In a container mix all the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar.

2. In another container, mix the beaten eggs, whipped milk, butter and vanilla.

3. Combine the two compositions, dry and liquid with great care only until incorporated, not too much! ! ! !

Heat a little butter in a Teflon pan, then put the composition in a pan with a small polish (about 60 ml each, according to the eyes), about 4-5. After 1 minute, sprinkle chocolate or fruit, or whatever your heart desires.

When they are browned, turn them over with a spatula and leave them until golden brown.

Serve hot, with a teaspoon of whipped cream and a few drops of honey sprinkled on them. They can also be eaten with maple syrup. If you make bananas, when you turn them over, put a little squeezed lemon, the bananas are too sweet without a little lemon.

These pancakes are like pies, they have a great time for children (and adults if they stay) for breakfast, the options are countless, I write only the ones I tried and which are very good: raspberries, blackberries, grapes, cherries , sliced ​​bananas, grated apples, cottage cheese,, diced ham, grated Telemea cheese. You can put raw, frozen fruits, which you thaw in advance, or from jam, such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. I've never made compote fruit, so I don't know if it works.

Oatmeal and CHEESE cakes, without sugar - dietary and nutritious

These pancakes are actually thicker pancakes, which Americans call "pancakes." The recipe we present to you is much simpler than the traditional one.

Contains only 3 ingredients and it's ready in 12 minutes.

Pancakes with Oats and Cheese, Sugar Free

The dumplings obtained are very numinous and nourishing, and also dietary. They do not contain sugar or white flour. Eggs do not affect body weight, cholesterol or heart health, as has been speculated.

Since it is prepared with oats, they are a good choice for those who have sensitivity or intolerance to gluten. Oats are rich in fiber, substances which help to eliminate excess cholesterol and prevention cancer.

Oatmeal and cheese cakes - recipe

• 120 g of cottage cheese
• 50 g of oatmeal
• 3 eggs

If you have a food processor or blender in the house, use it to mix all the ingredients. If not, break the eggs into a large bowl. Beat well, then add the oatmeal and mashed cheese before.

If you want the pancakes to be as fine as possible, without pieces of cheese, mix the composition with a mixer.

The composition obtained will be similar to that for pancakes, only slightly denser.

Grease a pan with a little butter or oil and put it on the stove at the right heat. Pour the composition into a pan with a polish in a thicker layer than for pancakes.

Bake the pancakes on both sides until lightly browned. Serve them with a little honey, yogurt, homemade jam, banana slices, a natural syrup or lemon juice with honey.

In the composition of these cakes you can put other ingredients, such as 1 tablespoon of ground coconut, a handful of crushed or ground hazelnuts or almonds, cranberries, raisins or other dried fruits, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of protein powder, etc.

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.


With this blog I want to share with you my experience as a mother in preparing the delicious dishes I make, knowing that I am pretentious and I was often appreciated and then urged to write my & # 8220memories & # 8221 so that I can remain with my descendants recipes and not only for them but for the entire Romanian nation.
At the same time, this blog wants to be a tribute to my dear mother, the perfect housewife, who taught me and my grandmother the secrets of preparing many traditional Romanian and oriental food recipes.

These dishes can be served on any special occasion or not, many of them fast and simple, others more complex but with a great refinement and taste.

The dishes are diversified thanks to my mother who was a cook in several recognized restaurants throughout Europe and on cruise ships according to Romanian tradition, Swabian (German) tradition, Hungarian traditions and other countries such as Italy, Turkey, Germany, Sweden , France etc. Food has nothing to do with politics and should always be appreciated as such no matter what corner of the world it comes from, especially if it is tasty and healthy.

I tried to offer quick, carefully selected recipes and dishes that have the healthiest technology possible.

The criteria for assessing the & # 8220health & # 8221 food are widely commented and an attempt is made in the economic interest of a product or ingredient. I leave it to you to be the critics of these dishes that I liked and I felt the need to leave a kind of legacy to my descendants and of course to those pretentious gourmets who want to taste something special and tasty.

We asked ourselves daily & # 8221 What to do for food? & # 8211 That's why I got bored, and that's why..and that's why & # 8230 What else to cook? & # 8221 Forget some solutions for culinary dishes to get out of the monotony of everyday recipes and try something special, new and tasty.

These dishes will be cold, as well as appetizers, snacks and hot dishes based on vegetables, fish, poultry, beef, pork and the famous Pizza dishes, pasta dishes, tasty salads, sauces and more.

My mother was raised in the village, she learned the secrets of Romanian cuisine as a child. In each season, season-specific recipes predominate. In the spring, light recipes with salads predominate, then before Easter, fasting recipes with traditional Romanian dishes predominate. After Easter, the culinary recipes specific to the holiday predominate.

In summer, when fruits and vegetables abound on the market, you can make many dietary recipes with food to go out for a picknick, green grass where light recipes predominate with a menu rich in salads, with chicken recipes.

Due to the stress, my father became diabetic and we had to cook him food based on recipes for diabetics, with vegetable dishes, with chicken recipes with dietary food.

My sister was fat and started cooking with weight loss recipes with vegetarian recipes with healthy recipes with dietary recipes.

After the autumn, they enter the Christmas fast and make Romanian dishes with traditional recipes for fasting.

At the end of the New Year's Eve, special recipes, delicious recipes, dishes with menus like at home are made in every kitchen.

My brother made New Year's Eve at his house and had guests. Tasty dishes were made, from Italian cuisines, from Chinese cuisines, from Romanian cuisines and pizza was ordered with home delivery, very prompt.

Life is beautiful if you cook according to light and tasty recipes.

Welcome to the world of cakes, pies and delicacies!

This is meant to be a blog with cake recipes , cakes, check , sweets in general with additions of all kinds of exotic fruits, apples, coconut, from all the delicacies of nature and jams that are more and more tasty jam, jam.

Cake recipes they will have a great diversity

& # 8211 old and new traditional cake recipes, Romanian cake recipes, cake recipes from gathered compatriots, and I would like to briefly mention a few

  • & # 8211 Homemade cake recipes
  • & # 8211 walnut cake recipes
  • & # 8211 cherries cake recipes
  • & # 8211 coconut cake recipe

& # 8211 whipped cream cake recipes, decorated with decorations or not

  • & # 8211 & # 8211 diplomat tort recipe
  • & # 8211 & # 8211 Tiramisu cake recipe
  • & # 8211 & # 8211 amandina cake recipe
  • & # 8211 chocolate cake recipe
  • & # 8211 Fruit cake recipes

& # 8211 will be cake recipes, homemade chocolate recipe, cookies, cakes, donuts with various jams, all these goodies for various birthdays, birthdays, Easter holidays, Christmas holidays, or with no reason but out of a desire to & # 8220to eat something sweet“.

These cake recipes and cake recipes are from grandparents, aunts and acquaintances gathered and prepared in the & # 8220 pastry & # 8221 home.

Although it took me a while to gather them, I am happy to share them with you, they are cakes tried by me or my family members, or by acquaintances and you will write me your impressions or a & # 8220Thanks& # 8221 will be enough to know that the work will not be in vain.

To these cake recipes and cake recipes I will indicate the quantities, how to prepare and the little secrets of each cake.

Women, men, children & # 8230 doesn't matter age, gender, profession when it comes to sweets. The little sweet delights represent, for each of them, a pampering that can often turn into a vice. Sweets help us to overcome a difficult moment more easily, relax us and make us feel good.

Most of the sweets on the market abound in sugar, fats, artificial colors and flavor enhancers, so it is good that sweets and cakes are made at home where we know what we introduce in cake recipes, cake recipes and sweets recipes.

Confectionery cakes, especially those with butter or chocolate cream, are real caloric "bombs". However, nutritionists come up with a solution for the greedy who can not overcome their desire to eat cakes, namely & # 8211 transform cakes, cake and try to replace cakes that contain fruits or vegetables such as apples, bananas, etc.

We all remember with pleasure the sweets we consume with so much desire in childhood. Whether it's burnt sugar cream, chocolate or wafers, donuts, each of us has a special childhood memory.

Most of them remember with pleasure all kinds of sweets prepared by their mother or grandmother at home. Some have remained popular even now, such as pancakes, burnt sugar cream, cheese pie, papanas, pandispan, while others are less and less found on our tables these days. It's about dumplings with plums, bird's milk, pancake cake, shit croissants, biscuit salami, scovergi or marmalade.

Then, many remember with nostalgia the different types of cakes that were prepared for them when they were little. At great rank was the famous savarina, followed by the classic eclairs, almonds or blackberries. Other types of cakes that have been "lost" over time are snow white, potato cake, punch cake or wallet cake. They are still found in some traditional confectioneries, but they appear less and less, both in trade and in our kitchens.

First of all, you should know that all desserts are included in a special food category, called "sugar products". This includes basal sweets (sugar, honey, glucose syrup, etc.), but also complex preparations (cakes, cakes, pastries, etc.). The common feature of all sweets is… exactly the sweet taste. It is given by sugar, invert sugar (in which sucrose is divided into simpler compounds), glucose syrup, honey or, less frequently, artificial or alternative sweeteners. Because for millennia people have learned that this taste is synonymous with "good" and "safe", it is the key to hyper-consumption of sweets.

In the past, in the hunter-gatherer stage, man learned from experience that sweet fruits were ripe and full of nutrients, while bitter ones were still unfit for consumption and sometimes poisonous. So, the pleasure of sweet is phylogenetic and it is quite difficult to solve it quickly.

Once consumed, foods are broken down into basic nutrients, which are absorbed and reach the bloodstream. Among other things, these nutrients stimulate the development of biochemical "signals" in the brain, which trigger various sensations, including pleasure. A category of substances of this type are endogenous opiate substances, also called endorphins or morphines of the body. Because of them, many have associated the overconsumption of sweets, especially in excess foods, in general with a dependence similar to that given by morphine. It's just that in this case morphine is synthesized exactly by our body. Of course, this is an exaggeration, sweets are not drugs, but it is very true that many notice a small addiction when it comes to giving them up. These practical truths have triggered the proliferation of a myriad of so-called substances that can get rid of the craving for sweets, many of them based on chromium. Indeed, chromium is involved in the metabolism of insulin and glucose, but has nothing to do with the psychological mechanisms of the preference for sweets.

First of all, it should be clear that sweets are not an indispensable food class, they are located at the top of the food pyramid and people are advised to consume such a thing only if they can afford it in terms of energy expenditure. If we are active, we exercise a lot, a lot, we are allowed to consume sweets in quantities, of course, moderate. We must make sure that the caloric value of sweets does not exceed 10% of the calories consumed in a day. Unfortunately, sweets are extremely caloric dense, but they are very poor in terms of nutrition (they have few proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants). Which is why, beyond calories, sweets are products from which our metabolism has few benefits. It should be noted, however, that there are more nutritionally adequate sweets:

& # 8211 Bitter chocolate, which is enjoying a growing and deserved popularity in recent years. It contains, along with anti-atherogenic fats, natural antioxidants from cocoa fruit (polyphenols). Dark chocolate, with its rich cocoa content, is a real heart protector. If you feel the need to consume something sweet, opt for dark chocolate with confidence, it can prevent a number of diseases, because it improves blood circulation and better oxygenates the brain, increasing the ability to concentrate and higher cognitive processes.

& # 8211 Halva, either sunflower or sesame, is rich in fiber, B-complex vitamins, tocopherols, unsaturated fats.

& # 8211 Low-sweetened milk-based desserts, such as ice cream, are certainly nutritionally dense, bringing in calcium, phosphorus, high-quality protein and milk vitamins.

& # 8211 Although not in the category of sweets, fresh or dried fruits can be a healthy dessert, because they have natural digestible and non-digestible carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

It has been observed that sweets, through their very high sugar intake, can be addictive. Why can't we refrain from sweets? The reason is an amine (serotonin) secreted in the brain when we consume sweets. From here, the sensation results in the feeling of well-being when we enjoy our favorite cake with such pleasure.

It could be said that the temptation is only the pleasant aspect of the cake but it is not at all. The shape also induces the aroma that we know so well.

Sweets are a great temptation even when the diet does not allow us. Why? Because it's hard to get over some unhealthy habits quickly.

Sweets are not a danger when consumed once a week (for example), but every day they already radically change the situation. Those who include a lot of chocolate in their daily menu are more aggressive, have an overflowing energy and a volcanic temperament. Those who enjoy daily cakes with cream or fruit are kinder and more romantic.

To avoid gaining weight and raising your cholesterol, eat sweets a little and often. You can taste them at any time of the day, but after dinner

Cakes, cakes, meringues, croissants, pies, but also the cake should be eaten in moderation during this period, so as not to spoil your holidays.

Nutritionists recommend that sweets be eaten preferably after a meal and represent a maximum of 7-10 of the value of the food intake. Regardless of the disease, you can taste some of the cakes that tempt you.

Sweets can be eaten at any time of the day, but it is not recommended to be eaten on an empty stomach, as this leads to loss of appetite. "You can eat cakes, chocolate or cake until you feel full. It is best to eat a little and often. Sweets consumed in small quantities have the advantage that they do not deposit and do not increase cholesterol.

But children do not have the problem of gaining weight due to higher consumption of sweets, because they quickly "burn" their calories. The only problem could be that the little ones can get cavities. In adults, increased consumption of sweets can lead to increased blood fats, especially if combined with alcohol and fat. People with diabetes, dyskinesia, pancreatitis, gastritis risk acute seizures if they exaggerate, but also the reactivation of a hypoglycemia, the appearance of diarrhea or vomiting

Experts claim that we eat too many products that contain sugar. "Unlike the last century, when a person consumes 2 kilograms of sugar per year, now it has reached a consumption of over 70 kilograms of sugar per capita in one year. The increase in sugar consumption is closely correlated with the increasing occurrence of cases of obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

A healthy and balanced diet increases the chances of an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy and can increase the chance of giving birth to a healthy child, and can even reduce the risk of chronic diseases that may occur in the early years of childhood. Although there are still many people who believe in the misconception that the fetus can take from the mother's body all the nutrients it needs regardless of whether or not she has a proper diet, both studies and the high frequency of children with malformations and malformations. Congenital infants born during World War II famine have proven otherwise. Lack or excess of dietary principles has repercussions on fetal development.

Therefore, during pregnancy, more than ever the woman must have a healthy and balanced diet if the woman had such a diet and before pregnancy, the chances of having a healthy child increase and pregnant will only have to -and adjust the diet a little according to the increased needs of the pregnancy state. But whether the pregnancy was a surprise or a long-awaited one, most women begin to change their eating habits and lifestyle after learning they are pregnant.

Some research suggests that like other healthy habits, proper nutrition during the 9 months of pregnancy influences the health of the baby at birth, but also the risk of later developing certain diseases such as obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

In conclusion, I would advise you NOT to give up dessert, especially since it prolongs the feeling of satiety, even in the case of a frugal diet lunch, but to increase the physical effort made daily and choose those sweets that, in addition to the sweet taste , they also bring you useful nutrients.

I wish you Good appetite !& # 8221 and o sweet life like my cakes and pies!

Diets and Diets for Your Health

Healthy food for children and adults both for everyday and in cases of illness

It is intended to be a blog with various diets and diets ranging from recovery diets after certain diseases, therapeutic diets, diets and diets for various diseases such as diabetes diet, cardiovascular disease diet to diets for weight loss for people obese and not only, who want to re-fit into certain clothes or have some ideals to look like certain divas.

Types of diets and diets
What is food?
The biological, intellectual and physical activities of man are carried out through energy consumption, and therefore food has a very important role, food being the necessary source of energy that provides the nutrients needed for cellular constructions and modifications.
The purpose of nutrition
& # 8211 rest and sparing of some organs, systems also appear
& # 8211 balancing the possible deficient / exaggerated functions of the organism
& # 8211 in case of functional disorders of the endocrine glands to act as a compensating factor
& # 8211 Removal of pathological products from the intestinal walls.
The diet must ensure the optimal intake of nutrients but also take into account the available foods and the patient's preferences.
The diet differs depending on the condition, and sometimes it can be different even for the same disease depending on the stage it is at.
Types of diets

1. Water regime

& # 8211 is indicated in acute gastritis, pancreatitis, painful ulcer, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and the first days postoperatively
& # 8211 consists in the administration of clear liquids & # 8211 boiled and cooled water, unsweetened tea or sweetened with saccharin, strained soup, strained fruit juice, rice juice administered in small doses (100 ml / hour) and the dose is increased progressive.

2. Hydrocarbon diet

& # 8211 consists of sweetened tea, fruit juices with sugar, clear vegetable soups, lemonade, sweetened rice juice
& # 8211 will be provided 2-3 liters of fluid that will be administered according to losses at 2-3 hours and is indicated in acute gastritis, acute cholecystitis, the onset of acute hepatitis and the first days postoperatively.
3. Hypoprotein regime
the recommended protein intake is 0.6-0.8 g / kg body weight / day, the higher percentage having those of animal origin
& # 8211 limiting high protein foods & # 8211 meat, milk, egg whites, dairy products, beans, soy, mushrooms
& # 8211 consists in limiting foods rich in protein (meat, milk, egg whites, dairy products, beans, beans, lentils, peas, mushrooms, soy). & # 8211 recommended protein intake 0.6- 0.8 g / kc / day, will
& # 8211 protein equivalent is made as follows: 5gr protein = 1 egg = 25 gr meat = 15 gr cheese = 60 gr bread = 40 gr pasta = 75 gr rice = 200 gr potatoes
& # 8211 this type of regimen is indicated in patients with chronic renal failure, glomerular nephropathy, decompensated liver cirrhosis
4. The hyposodium diet
a tablespoon of salt contains 6 grams of salt, and the usual intake in the diet is 9-12 g per day, but a consumption of 3-6 g / day is recommended.
& # 8211 in case of this regime a salt intake below 2-3g / day minimum required of 1.1-2 g / day is required
& # 8211 the usual intake of salt in the diet - 9-12g / day, the recommended salt consumption being 3 -6 gr / day. The minimum consumption required is 1.1 -2.0 gr / day. & # 8211 the hyposodium diet consists in limiting the salt intake to less than 2 -3 g / day & # 8211 avoiding foods rich in salt & # 8211 canned food, sausages, salted cheeses, smoked meat, vegetable broth, snacks, pickles, mustard, canned soup
& # 8211 regimen is indicated in patients with acute and chronic renal failure, glomerulonephritis with heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, chronic nephropathy, in hypertensive patients with heart failure and decompensated valvular heart disease, or in those with decompensated liver cirrhosis and edema
5. The common regime
& # 8211 is a rational dietary prepared diet that will respect the optimal intake of nutrients, containing products of both animal and vegetable origin.
& # 8211 whole grain products and vegetable oils are recommended to be consumed at most meals
& # 8211 fruits can be eaten daily but not excessively to avoid weight gain.
& # 8211 along with oily fruits such as nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts is recommended to eat vegetables 2-3 times a day (beans, peas, beans, lentils)
& # 8211 reduce the consumption of white bread, potatoes, pasta, butter and sweets as much as possible
& # 8211 avoid fatty meat, red meat, recommended being chicken, fish, along with eggs and dairy products that will be consumed daily
& # 8211 will be a distribution of 4-5 meals a day requiring compliance with fixed meal times to create and maintain stimulatory reflexes of secretions and the last meal will be taken 2-3 hours before bedtime to ensure digestion and rest during the night
6. Regime for ulcerative colitis
& # 8211 depending on the evolution of the disease, the foods are introduced gradually distributed in 5-6 meals / day, the purpose of this diet being to & # 8220intestinal digestion & # 8221
& # 8211 are contraindicated foods rich in fiber, fried fats, sugary, acidic and peppery products, soft drinks
- throughout the regime the aim is to ensure an adequate caloric intake but also to maintain the hydroelectrolytic balance
& # 8211 foods allowed during this diet are - poultry, veal, roast beef, minced, lean fish, lean pressed ham, weakly boiled or fried fish, hard boiled eggs, salted telemea, pasta, biscuits, toast , vegetable soups, acid-free fruit juices, raw butter, crude oil
& # 8211 Patients can also receive mashed potatoes in small quantities only if it is well tolerated by the body
& # 8211 This regimen is indicated in patients with acute or chronic ulcerative colitis (toxic, parasitic, infectious), or in those with Crohn's disease
7. Diabetes regimen
& # 8211 Diabetes is a syndrome characterized by an increase in blood glucose and an imbalance in the body which requires medical nutritional therapy
& # 8211 diet is personal to each patient taking into account age, sex, physical activity, weight, type of diabetes and the treatment indicated
& # 8211 All the nutritional principles are ensured in quantities as close as possible to those recommended to the healthy individual
& # 8211 it is necessary to respect a list that includes forbidden foods and foods that will be weighed.
& # 8211 Forbidden foods & # 8211 sugar, honey, fruit juices, dried fruits, sugary sweets, grapes, sweet alcoholic beverages, animal fats
& # 8211 Weighing food bread, pasta, dairy products, milk, cheese, dried vegetables (beans, peas), rice, potatoes, vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, parsley), fresh fruits
There will be 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks
-this type of diet also has some peculiarities in the case of patients who need to control the consumption of salt (hypertensive), protein (diabetes complicated with diabetic nephropathy) and those with decompensated diabetes
8. Ulcer regimen
This diet is indicated during the painful period of the ulcer and a strict schedule is followed.
& # 8211 in the first 3 days it is recommended to consume non-skimmed milk with the addition of whipped cream or sour cream 1500-2000 ml / day in small quantities every 2 hours
Mucilaginous soups, milk creams and eggs will also be consumed on the first day
& # 8211 The diet is gradually enriched by the introduction of strained rice soups, semolina with milk, white bread, vegetable purees
& # 8211 after 7 days, boiled meat, cottage cheese, fresh cottage cheese, vegetable soup, flour with milk, biscuits are introduced in the diet
& # 8211 foods not recommended for patients with chronic ulcers are whipped milk, yogurt, fermented cheeses, hard-boiled or fried eggs, mayonnaise, meat and fatty fish, canned food, smoked meats, meat soups in which the meat has been cooked from the cold. & # 8211 In addition to painful episodes, most foods can be used, prepared dietary so as not to irritate the gastrodudal mucosa. Spices (pepper, hot peppers, paprika, horseradish, chili, garlic), fried foods and vegetables containing hard cellulose (onions, celery, radishes) will be permanently banned.
9. The Youth Regime
consta in reducerea consumului de alimentate bogate in proteine si este indicat la pacientii cu insuficienta renala acuta sau sindrom nefrotic
– este contraindicat prelungirea regimului mai mult de sapte zile pentru a nu induce hipoproteinemie prin declansarea proceselor de autofagie
– cantitatea de proteine nu trebuie sa depaseasca 20 grame si este furnizata de albusul de ou, acesta continand proteine cu valoare biologica ridicata si un aport de aproximativ 2000 calorii
10. Regimul Kempner
– este un regim desodat si este indicat in insuficienta cardiaca congestiva clasa IV NYHA
– pacientul trebuie sa consume orez, fructe si dulceata la fiecare masa
11. Alimentatia enterala
acesta este un regim special, fiind indicat doar la pacientii care nu se pot alimenta din cauza unor tulburari de deglutitie sau care au suferit interventii chirurgicale in sfera buco-maxilo-faciala sau ORL (otorinolarinologie)
– alimentele se administreaza pacientului cu ajutorul unei sonde oro/nazogastrica

Pentru a avea o anumita sanate trebuie sa tinem regim alimentar, sa mancam sanatos pentru ca “suntem ceea ce mancam”. Nu vom uita de regim alimentar pentru gravide, regim alimentar pentru gastrita ce deranjeaza o mare parte din populatie, regim alimentar pentru a avea o buna tranzitie intestinala si a scapa de colici si balonari, regim alimentar pentru cancerul de colon, regim alimentar pentru hemoroizi .

Vor fi redate meniuri saptamanale pentru diete, meniuri special alese pentru regimuri alimentare de recuperare si va invitam sa alegeti dieta care va convine , dar inainte poate ar trebui sa consultati un nutritionist sau un medic specializat in cazul in care vreti sa faceti regimuri alimentare drastice.

Nu va infometati, faceti si miscare pentru ca numai combinatia aceasta poate duce la o sanatate de fier.

Exercitiile de recuperare si exercitiile de slabire ce vor fi prezentate se vor referi si la cei “mai fitosi” pentru slabire cat si la cei care au nevoie pentru recuperare dupa anumite boli sau prevenirea aparitiei unor boli.

Regimurile alimentare bogate in legume si fructe va poate preveni boli aproape incurabile si anume de diverse forme cancer, forme grave de boli de piele , de boli de stomac, boli de rinichi.

Chiar daca ai parte de toata determinarea din lume atunci cand vine vorba de o cura de slabire sau de o dieta alimentara sanatoasa, trebuie sa ai grija la cateva lucruri foarte importante printre care se numara orele la care mananci si motivele pentru care mananci si bineinteles ai nevoie de ambitie. Regimul alimentar sanatos implica si ore de luare a mesei destul de regulate, cu zile de diete de post pentru dezintoxicarea organismului.

Obiceiurile alimentare sanatoase nu sunt greu de format ci sunt “greu” de urmat. Primul principiu ar fi sa mananci multe tipuri de alimente, iar al doilea sa ai incredere mereu in fructe, cereale si legume. Acestea sunt bogate in carbohidrati, fibre, minerale si au continut slab de grasimi. Proteinele trebuie sa provina din produse lactate cu continut mic de grasime sau carne slaba, ca pestele , puiul si curcanul.

Prin introducerea in meniu a alimentelor ce contin grasimi monosaturate (uleiul de masile , nucile, semintele crude ) sau grasimi polisaturate (pestele), poti incetini procesul prin care arterele se blocheaza, ducand la aparitia bolilor sistemului cardiovascular. O alimentatie corecta asigura organismului necesarul de vitamine, proteine si minerale pentru a functiona normal. Te vei simti mai energic, iar sistemul imunitar se va intari si te va feri de viroze sau afectiuni asociate alimentatiei necorespunzatoare.

In ziua de azi cand stam mai mult timp tintuiti intr-un scaun de birou, sau in fata calculatorului si a televizorului , gasim tot felul de scuze pentru a scapa de sport sau alte activitati solicitante, fara sa ne gandim la sanatatea noastra pe termen lung. Totusi, daca dorim sa avem un organism cat mai sanatos, trebuie sa incepem sa avem grija la ceea ce mancam, la cat muncim si sa facem mult mai mult sport , miscare ca sa mai “gafaim” un pic. Pentru ca miscarea prin casa fara a face un pic de efort sustinut, aceea nu e miscare. Peste o anumita varsta sau daca ati suferit anumite interventii chirurgicale si plimbarea prin casa reprezinta o miscare si o realizare.

Vom avea cele mai noi trenduri in dieta facuta de dive si VIP-uri, diete de slabire si cure de slabire rapide , care nu sunt recomandate dar cateodata avem nevoie si de ele respectand anumite reguli stricte de alimentatie, precum si cure de slabire eficiente si cure de slabire sanatoase.

Anumite diete pot fi diete personalizate , sau pot fi diete rapide pentru anumite persoane in functie de mediul social.

Solutii recomandate pentru o viata sanatoasa

O silueta demna de admirat este visul oricarei femei, insa nu este singurul lucru de care trebuie sa tinem cont pentru a ne pastra frumusetea. Bazate pe o alimentatie sanatoasa si o organizare a programului alimentar zilnic, aceste diete te vor ajuta sa ajungi la greutatea ideala sau sa iti pastrezi silueta fara a te infometa si fara ca organismul tau sa sufere carente nutritionale. Nu uita ca frumusetea si starea de bine sunt strans legate de un regim alimentar sanatos.
Daca iti doresti sa slabesti, sa iti mentii greutatea sau pur si simplu vrei sa iti pastrezi sanatatea ia in considerare regulile noastre pentru un regim alimentar sanatos!
Mananca de cel putin 3 ori pe zi
Este de preferat, daca ai posibilitatea, sa iei chiar patru mese pe zi, structurate astfel: mic dejun – gustare – pranz – cina sau mic dejun – pranz – gustare – cina (care nu va fi servita mai tarziu de ora 20). Aceasta intrucat la fiecare proces de digestie al alimentelor se consuma o anumita cantitate de energie (calorii) si, prin urmare, cu cat iei mai multe mese, cu atat mai multa energie vei consuma.
Micul dejun nu trebuie sa lipseasca niciodata din doua motive. In primul rand , dimineata si in prima parte a zilei consumul energetic al organismului este cel mai mare. De aceea este recomandat sa se consume alimentele cele mai bogate in calorii dimineata si la masa de pranz. Tot din acest motiv, masa de seara este recomandabil sa nu fie mai tarziu de ora 20 si sa se consume alimente cu un continut caloric mai redus (de exemplu salate, eventual cu putina carne slaba sau peste ). In al doilea rand, atunci cand se sare peste micul dejun (multa lume sare chiar si masa de pranz) organismul va fi lipsit de energia necesara desfasurarii activitatilor zilnice, astfel incat se va ajunge inevitabil la consumul unor cantitati mai mari de alimente la masa de seara, cand consumul energetic al organismului este cel mai redus. Asa ajungi sa te ingrasi mult mai usor.

Nu sari peste mese

Trebuie avut in vedere ca a manca mult nu inseamna neaparat mult cantitativ. Exista alimente foarte concentrate caloric care, consumate chiar si in cantitati ce nu par mari, ingrasa foarte mult (de exemplu, dulciurile, cerealele cu diverse adaosuri de fructe confiate si zahar, alimentele bogate in grasimi etc.).

Evita sa mananci intre mese

„Ciugulitul” in fuga pacaleste cel mai usor, pentru ca niciodata nu vei putea tine cont exact de cat mananci. De asemenea, cand esti pe fuga vei gusta produse bogate caloric.

Savureaza mancarea

La masa asaza toata mancarea in farfurie (este de evitat „ciugulitul” din platouri sau oale), taie totul in bucati mici, mesteca bine alimentele. Mananca incet, cu pauze, lasand din cand in cand tacamurile din mana. Aceasta pentru a da timp organismului sa savureze mancarea si sa obtinem mai rapid senzatia de satietate.

Bea multe lichide

Consuma cat mai multe lichide, cel putin 2,5 litri/zi: apa, sifon, ceai neindulcit, cafea fara zahar. Nu sunt recomandate sucurile de niciun tip, nici macar cele light. Consuma-le numai ocazional. Este extrem de important sa nu obisnuim copiii cu aceste produse intrucat le va fi foarte greu sa renunte la ele.

Limiteaza cantitatea de zahar

Consumul de zahar sau miere de albine trebuie limitat pe cat posibil. Se pot folosi indulcitori: naturali (de exemplu, xylitolul – indulcitor 100% natural extras din porumb) sau indulcitori sintetici (zaharina, aspartam, ciclamat ). La indulcitorii naturali trebuie tinut cont de faptul ca si ei au un numar de calorii dar, de regula, cam la jumatate fata de zahar.

Redu cantitatea de ulei

Utilizarea uleiului la gatit trebuie redusa la cat de putin posibil. Pune un strop de ulei la salate, la sote-uri, la ciorbele de legume. Ciorbele nu trebuie „drese” cu smantana . Se poate folosi in schimb un pic de iaurt. Carnea va fi gatita la gratar, fiarta, la cuptor, dar nu prajita in ulei! Trebuie evitate chiftelele, snitelul si orice alt tip de aliment preparat pane, intrucat acestea absorb foarte mult ulei si aduc extrem de multe calorii.

Evita grasimea animala

Multi considera ca o mancare fara grasime nu este gustoasa. Acest lucru este fals si reprezinta o chestiune de obisnuinta. Se pot adauga un strop de ulei si multiple condimente care pot face o mancare savuroasa. Se pot folosi urmatoarele tipuri de condimente: lamaie, piper, boia, orice condiment din plante (cimbru, oregano etc.). Ceapa, usturoiul si hreanul nu trebuie consumate pe stomacul gol intrucat accentueza senzatia de foame.

Atentie la painea pe care o consumi

Datorita continutului mai mare de fibre alimentare, consuma numai paine neagra sau integrala, graham, de secara sau cu tarate (nu paine alba). Painea va fi consumata in special la micul dejun. Cerealele sunt foarte sanatoase, dar trebuie stiut ca au mai multe calorii decat painea, mai ales daca au si diverse adaosuri (de stafide, fructe confiate etc.).

Nu consuma alcool si limiteaza cantitatea de cafea

Este interzis consumul regulat al bauturilor alcoolice de orice tip. Acestea au si ele un continut destul de important de calorii, mai ales berea, vinurile dulci sau orice alt tip de bautura dulce. In cazul in care consumi totusi alcool, nu bea niciodata pe stomacul gol, la inceputul mesei, ci numai dupa masa (la desert) si de preferinta consuma vin rosu. Aceasta intrucat alcoolul creste si el pofta de mancare.
Se pot bea una-doua cafele pe zi, nu foarte tari si, de asemenea, nu pe stomacul gol (si cafeaua stimuleaza pofta de mancare). Poti consuma in schimb ceaiuri neindulcite in orice cantitate.

Consuma alimente bogate in fibre

Consuma cat mai multe fibre alimentare: salate, legume, fructe. La fructe trebuie avut insa in vedere aportul de calorii care este cu atat mai mare cu cat fructul este mai dulce. De aceea este de preferat sa nu consumi fructe foarte coapte si sa eviti fructele cu continut caloric foarte mare (struguri, prune foarte coapte, banane etc.). Consuma fructele separat de restul alimentelor, spre exemplu la gustare.
Este esential sa deprinzi copiii cu aceste reguli inca de cand sunt mici. Aceasta este singura modalitate de a-i feri de tentatiile din ce in ce mai mari ale societatii de consum in care traim si unde reclamele la produse alimentare si produsele in sine (cu ambalaje care mai de care mai apetisante) sunt, de multe ori, irezistibile si pentru adultii constienti de pericolul obezitatii.

Te-ai hotarat sa ai o dieta sanatoasa or sa incepi o cura de slabire?

Viziteaza situl mai departe si paseste in “tainele” unor regimuri alimentare si diete sanatoase pentru a te proteja pe tine si pentru a te bucura de viata impreuna cu cei dragi si a-ti reda increderea in sine , cea de care ai mare nevoie.

Prăjitură cu cremă de afine și cu brânză de vaci – Perfectă pentru gospodinele ce vor sa impresioneze pe cineva

Iti aratam asttazi cum poti să prepari o delicioasă prajitura cu brânză şi afine, fină, uşoară, fără multe calorii, perfectă pentru zilele călduroase de vară.

Delicioasa prajitura cu brânză şi afine poate fi şi un desert perfect pentru copii, deoarece este dulce și sănătos. Iată reţeta.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 400 g brânză de vaci cremoasă
  • 190 g de iaurt degresat
  • 5 linguri de zahăr
  • 3 linguri de griș
  • 3 linguri de făină
  • 1 pahar de afine (proaspete sau decongelate)
  • 2 eggs
  • powdered sugar
  • jum. de linguriță praf de copt

How is it prepared?

  1. Bateți ouăle cu zahărul, folosind un robot de bucătărie.
  2. Adăugați brânza și iaurtul. Amestecați până obțineți o masă omogenă.
  3. Treptat, adăugați grișul, făina, praful de copt și amestecați cu o lingură.
  4. Adăugați afinele și iarăși amestecați.
  5. Tapetați o formă de copt cu hârtie (sau o tigaie de fontă). Turnați în aceasta aluatul. Dacă folosiți o formă de silicon, ungeți-o cu unt și presărați-o cu puțin griș.
  6. Dați forma la cuptorul preîncălzit până la temperatura de 180°C pentru 30 de minute.
  7. Scoateți forma din cuptor. Acoperiți-o cu o farfurie și răsturnați-o. Îndepărtați hârtia de copt.

Decorați cu afine sau zahăr pudră.

Notă: Dacă doriți un desert mai dietetic, puteți să nu adăugați zahăr. Chiar dacă veți folosi zahărul, valoarea energetică pentru 100 g de produs nu va depăși 130 kcal.

Afinele sunt foarte bune pentru organism. Iata cateva beneficii:

Afinele au cea mai mare capacitate antioxidanta dintre toate fructele

Afinele sunt foarte bogate in antioxidanti numiti antocianina, vitamina C, vitamine din complexul B, vitamina E, vitamina A, cupru (care intareste imunitatea si are rol antibacterian), seleniu, zinc, fier (promoveaza imunitatea prin cresterea hemoglobinei si a concentratiei de oxigen din sange) si stimuleaza astfel, sistemul imunitar si previne aparitia infectiilor.

Odata ce imunitatea dumneavoastra este puternica, veti evita raceala, febra, varicela si multe dintre bolile care se pot transmite, atat pe cale virala, cat si bacteriana.

Afinele neutralizeaza radicalii liberi care pot promova boala si imbatranirea in organism

Afinele sunt unele dintre fructele cele mai bogate in antioxidanti. Acest lucru se datoreaza in special prezentei antocianinei, un pigment responsabil de culoarea albastra a afinelor. Cantitatea insemnata de vitamina C este un alt argument pentru rolul benefic al acestor fructe.

Cum să coaceți mere cu brânză de vaci – un desert util

Gust, familiar din copilarie – mere copti, cu zahar si scortisoara, miere si lamaie. Perfectul desert ușor este deosebit de bun pentru cei care au probleme cu stomacul sau care doresc să piardă în greutate..

Și dacă o combinați cu brânză de vaci, nu va fi doar un desert, ci o gustare plină de inimă, bogată în calciu și fibră. Cu ușurință digerată și nu lasă nici o senzație de greutate, astfel de alimente pot fi recomandate copiilor și mamelor care alăptează, precum și femeilor care se așteaptă la un copil..

ingrediente Număr de
Brânză brută – 200 g
Smântână – 3 linguri
mere – 6 mari
zahăr – 3 linguri
Stafide fără stafide – pentru gust
Cooking time: 45 de minute Calorii pe 100 grame: 152 Kcal

Este extrem de ușor să se pregătească, produsele au nevoie de un minim, nu sunt necesare și aptitudini speciale.

În primul rând, este pregătită umplutura de coace – ar trebui să fie amestecată cu zahăr, adăugând treptat smântână. Este necesar să se concentreze pe densitatea umplerii, nu ar trebui să fie prea lichidă.

Se adaugă stafidele după cum se dorește..

După aceea, trebuie să faceți merele înșiși. Fructele sunt mai bune pentru a alege mediu, mai bine ferme și acru, de exemplu, Antonovka.

Merele spălate îndepărtează cu ușurință miezul, din partea de sus se pot face capacele care vor acoperi umplutura, sau pur și simplu puteți tăia vârfurile.

Merele sunt umplute cu umplutură pregătită, dacă există capace de mere, acestea ar trebui să fie puse pe partea de sus.

Produsul semifabricat gata preparat într-o tavă de formă sau de coacere și coaptă timp de 25-30 minute.


A venit si randul acestor delicii ideale pentru micul-dejun, asa cum in mod traditional consuma americanii.

N e c e s a r e:
2 eggs
200ml milk
3 tablespoons sugar
2 lingurite zahar vanilat
3 tablespoons sunflower oil
220g faina alba
1 lingurita praf de copt.

P r e p a r a r e:
Ouale, laptele, zaharul, zaharul vanilat si uleiul le-am amestecat bine.

Am adaugat faina in 2-3 prize, iar in ultima am pus praful de copt si am omogenizat.

In tigaia incinsa am pus o lingurita de ulei de floarea soarelui, pentru prajit doar primul pancake. Am pus cu o lingura mare de sosuri compozitie cat sa iasa diametrul de 8-10 cm. Am lasat pe o parte pana au aparut bule de aer la suprafata si au inceput sa se sparga.

Le-am intors pe partea cealalta. Trebuie sa ajustati temperatura tigaii astfel incat pancake-urile sa se rumeneasca perfect uniform pe suprafata.

Traditional se servesc 3-4 pancakes suprapuse cu siropuri, dulceata, nutella sau frisca intre ele si pe deasupra, insa eu am preferat sa le consumam pe rand, mai ales ca sunt suficient de consistente incat sa le ajunga copiilor cate doua bucati.

Desert pancakes cu branza de vaci, fructe uscate si miere - Rețete

Separati albusurile de galbenusuri .
Frecati bine galbenusurile cu 3 linguri de indulcitor . Adaugati branza, stevia, faina de cocos si vanilia.
Bateti albusurile spuma si-ncorporati-le treptat .
Scoateti merele din cuptor si lasati 5 minute sa se raceasca.
Varsati compozitia pregatita in jurul lor si dati la cuptor timp de 20 de minute.
Trebuie sa fie frumos colorat.
Lasati sa se raceasca un pic inainte de a scoate din forma.

Serviti-l caldut simplu sau cu inghetata sau/si frisca.

Serviti cu pofta .

Alta reteta buna cu mere? Mere coapte (reteta fara zahar, low carb)

Cel mai bun desert de vară fără coacere – mai simplu nu se poate!

Vă prezentăm o rețetă de desert delicios din brânză de vaci, fără coacere. Obțineți un deliciu fin și aromat, ce cu siguranță va fi pe placul întregii familii. Acesta se prepară foarte simplu, dar este atât de aspectuos, încât toți vor fi siguri că ați petrecut ore în șir la bucătărie. Un desert demn de toate laudele cu efort minim!


-500 g brânză de vaci de casă

-100 g de fructe de pădure, de sezon (banane, fructe uscate, nuci)

-200 ml de apă carbogazoasă

Method of preparation

1. Amestecați brânza de casă cu smântâna și mierea, până obțineți o masă omogenă.

2. Dizolvați gelatina în 200 ml de apă (la temperatura camerei). Lăsați amestecul obținut pentru 10 minute, să se umfle. Pregătiți fructele: dacă folosiți banane, decojiți-le și tăiați-le rondele.

3. Topiți gelatina la baia de aburi. Gelatina neapărat trebuie să fie într-un vas de sticlă. Amestecați-o încontinuu, până se va dizolva. Nu o fierbeți. Turnați gelatina fierbinte în amestecul cu brânză. Amestecați bine, folosind un mixer la viteză medie.

4. Adăugați fructele și amestecați. Turnați masa obținută într-o formă (cel mai bine e să folosiți o formă de silicon). Dați desertul la frigider pentru cel puțin 2 ore.