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Shocked grandmother's recipe

Shocked grandmother's recipe

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Shocked grandmother's recipe

Put in the jar water, yeast, sugar or honey, anise star, cinnamon stick and mix very well until the honey and yeast are completely dissolved. Then add the washed shock flowers and with a wooden spoon we immerse them in water. Then put the lemon slices in the jar. Cover the jar with a clean gauze and let it sit overnight.

The next day we mix lightly with a wooden spoon, then we put the gauze again and let the jar sit in a sunny place for two days. From time to time we mix in the jar with the same wooden spoon. After these two days, the shock will acquire a sweet-sour taste and will be disturbed. When it is ready, we strain it through a gauze and then we serve it cold. Whoever wants can serve it soaked with lemon slices next to it.

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