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Pork meatballs with two-tone puree

Pork meatballs with two-tone puree

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Peel the potatoes and the tiquisque fruit and cut them into smaller cubes, then boil them separately with a pinch of salt. I photographed this fruit, or rather it is a root, and next to it is the yucca root also edible (it is not that ornamental yucca that is sold as decorative shrubs, it is another species).

We prepare the meatballs, chop the meat. Wash, clean and cut the greens and vegetables finely, add them over the meat, season with salt and pepper, thyme and dill, add the eggs and mix. Meatballs should weigh about 30 grams raw. Thus prepared, they will be passed through flour and we will put them in the fryer in the oil bath to brown nicely. Remove on absorbent paper to remove excess fat.

If the vegetables have boiled, proceed to the preparation of the purees, pass well, add milk and butter, season and put on the fire again, until you get the desired texture. We taste it and, if it is as you wish, we take it off the fire.

Prepare the sauce, wash, clean and cut the vegetables into fine cubes, then add them to a pan in a little oil. Let it simmer, then add 200 ml of chicken stock, wine and tarragon.

At the end, add the tomato paste, season and let it cool. We can blend and strain this sauce or we can leave the diced vegetables in the sauce.

We decorate according to everyone's imagination.

Good appetite!;


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