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Tort Dobos

Tort Dobos

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It took:rub the margarine with the sugar, whole eggs, salt, lemon peel. Add the baking soda quenched with a little lemon and mix well. Add enough flour and milk to obtain, a suitable dough, easy to spread with the facalet. rest for about 20 minutes, then divide into 5 pieces.

Bake 5-6 sheets on the back of a tray, greased with margarine and sprinkled with flour. Leave to cool.

Cream: The sugar is mixed with flour, milk, Inka, vanilla and caramel are added (the 4 lg of sugar are caramelized and quenched with a little water, so as to obtain a thick syrup). Mix well, then put to boil, until it thickens. Leave it to cool and when it is warm, add the butter.

Grease the sheets with cream and put the chocolate icing at the end.

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